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Panzer Elite Development Group-Featuring British & Commonwealth Armoured forces N.W. Europe 1944-45 

Welcome to the home of PEDG your premier source for information  relating to the creation  of add-ons and  mods for the WW2 based armor combat sim Panzer Elite.

PEDG features WW2 armor info, completed add-ons as well as tutorials and resources. The primary goal of PEDG is to further the development of Panzer Elite.  Individuals  interested in contributing work to the site i.e.. models , programming, graphic and sound artist experience as well as historians please contact us.  Should you be interested in joining drop into our board  here

Latest news!!!

Extracts from 2 emails received from Michael Paeck, Executive Producer, who is responsible for all development issues at Jowood.

"we grant you the right to continue the development on the Panzer Elite Code, and you may release non-commercial Mods for that game freely."

"I can also confirm that we will not use your developments using the original Panzer Elite Code for any commercial releases without a compensation for your team...

I'm looking forward to play your Mods. The tank shot looked already very promising.

Best wishes,
Michael Paeck "

Our featured mod is titled Britpack 44 containing armour used by British and Commonwealth & Allied forces in NW Europe 1944-45. Well over 30 new vehicles modeled in painstaking detail with accurate armour thicknesses, performance info, gun penetration data and much more ready to take on the Panzerwaffes best!  Many thanks to all in PEDG who are working on Britpack 44, all its varied components and the code of the game. This mod would not have been possible without the talents of all involved and their dedication and tireless effort. 

Disclaimer: All add-ons or mods are used at the end-users own risk.  PEDG,  Wings Simulations and members of  PEDG are not liable for any odd behavior or harm these files may cause.


Joe's Particle Effects are now here!

Makers of quality addons for Panzer Elite!

 Hot Files

PEDGBritpack44 v1.02 28mb

Britupdate V 1.04 Thanks Aldo various fixes and goodies ie. proper sights for Comet and Churchill 6pdr.

Remaining files are Here

**Public Beta 1.05 released, visit the forum for Info and link.**

Major Magee's Mods now available Here


MikeY's Mods With Textures by Geezer, models by Aldo & Jon.

* Newly Released*

Torch Final

Code Mod MY2n11


Code Mod for MvR2

Get them Here




" Panzer Elite(c) is a trademark of Jowood Productions Software AG. Used with permission"