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Armor and Fighting Vehicles:

General: (Both Axis and Allied related)   

Aberdeen Proving grounds

On Armour

Book List Tanks- Bibliography Firefly7's

Tanks on the Prowl- general site armor

Tanks in World War 2

Tank Club in 3d Models


Panzer War WW2 resources

The Desert Fox Panther Fibel

German World War II Prime Movers and Halftracks

Jagdpanzer 38 Hetzer

Germany's World War 2 Weapons

Panzer Werke

Achtung Panzer!


Tehnical Virtue

Panzer Lexicon

Captured Armour Under The German Flag During WWII



Allied Armor 4 views and specs

Sherman Register

The Logistics of a Recce Regiment

Armor in Focus British Armour

Canadian Tracks WW2  Tanks and AFV

Arcane Fighting Vehicles AFV's

Russian Armor

Russian Military Power of 30's-40's

Australian War memorial photo database

Red Steel "The Beast from the East"

The Oshawa Military and Industrial Museum

Chris Shillito's Armour in Focus

Worthington Park Military Museum

Armoured Engineer

Dreammakers Canada and British Armour Page

Military Interest WW2:

       East Front Web Ring


       Panzerfaust Third Reich small arms

       Kursk 1943

Valor and the Horror Canada and WW2

Panzer Elite:

Panzer Elite developer Wings Simulations


Bovington Armour Museum

American Armor Museum

Panzermuseum Munster

Imperial War Museum

REME Museum of Technology

The Wright Museum

Musee des Blindes

Military Miniatures

Armor Modeling & Preservation Society


Perth Military Modelling Society

Tony Matteliano's Scale Model Bookmarks - 2000+ modeling links

Track Link The Best online model magazine IMHO


Sim E-Zines:



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