Member Bio'sAll members of PEDG are invited to submit a small bio, you may also include a small picture of yourself here as well. Thanks. This is but a partial list of members who have submitted their bios if you would like your BIO here and are a part of PEDG please forward your info and it will gladly be included for all active PEDG members. Also if information is outdated or requires revised please let me know and I will amend it.

Michael Peters "Waycool"

I have been involved in studying military history as hobby for the past 20 years (reading, collecting, sims and military miniatures), I am 35 years old, damn time flies when your having fun.  I enjoy all aspects of researching WW2 have an extensive 300+ volume personal library. Well versed in weapons systems, uniforms and armour used during WW2.  By profession I am a self employed computer consultant -marketing and technical with 16 years experience. I have been simming for many years my current sim of choice are Panzer Elite , RS UO,  EAW . My first sim was wayback in the days of AH 64 on my 8Mhz XT yikes that machine cost more them my current computer.  My passion for Panzer Elite is strong Wings has developed an excellent armoured combat sim and I wish it to be further enhanced,  hence my involvement as a founding member of PEDG and 4AD online PE company .  In my non-sim time I enjoy live music and comedy concerts, travel. I have lived and traveled in Australia, New Zealand, US and Canada (my home)) and music.

Robert Pattison  "Geezer" 

My name is Robert Pattison and, having recently discovered Panzer Elite, I am fascinated by the potential of the simulation.  I am a life-long history buff, particularly WW2 history, and also have 30 years' experience in commercial and aerospace graphics - the guys at work call me "Geezer."  I have been an on-again, off-again gamer ever since the original Avalon Hill board games and the first issues of GHQ miniatures.  I served a hitch in USAF flight line maintenance during 'Nam, obtained a degree in design and illustration after I got out, and have been utilizing this background in the real world ever since.  A native Californian, I have worked as an illustrator/concept artist and technical writer/editor/publisher for a number of major aerospace companies, an art director for advertising firms, and as a free-lance artist/designer in L.A.  I am also a life-long model builder and have won first place in a number of International Plastic Modeller's Society regional competitions.  I currently reside in Atlanta, where I am a project manager for tech manuals digitization at Lockheed-Martin Aeronautical Services. Like most people these days, I don't have as much leisure time as I would like, but I am interested in being of some assistance to your admirable project.  Specifically, my formal art training and major league experience would be useful in making the visual aspects of Panzer Elite more realistic and believable.  Compare normal, mainstream computer graphics to the realistic illustrations of Norman Rockwell and you can grasp what I am talking about.  I spent six years working in 3D wireframe and surface modelling programs on the B-2 Stealth Bomber project and understand the difficulties in producing really first-rate realistic computer models - I also have an understanding of the need to make the results accessible to gamers with a wide variety of computer capabilities.  What I propose would consist of modifications to already existing surface textures and should therefore minimize any problems.

Steve P

I'm Steve P. another crazy Canuck (hi Michael). My long standing interest in WWII esp. the Canadian part is due to my desire to better understand the experiences of my father, who was a radio op in an M10 17-pdr SP of the 56th Bty. 6th Anti-Tank Regt. R.C.A.. For years now I've been gobbling up as much info as I could get my hands on. I have a degree in Electronic Eng. Technology and am formally trained as a Chef de Cuisine. I have lived/worked in Canada (my home), the U.S.A, France and Switzerland and traveled thru the aforementioned as well as: Italy, Germany, Belgium, Holland and Spain and survived (you've driven there?) I have this fairly "state of the art" (today) gaming rig (puter) and have been playing PE (too much) since it's release. I offer to assist in the historian and research section of PEDG.

Scruffy Mcdrum 

Scenario developer from Spain. Mcdrum has drafted a scenario tutorial for all PE players to learn about the Scenario editor. 

Gene "DUKE" Duque

Iím originally from Salinas, California; call Hawaii home, but have been studying Info Tech in Australia since February 2000. I retired from the "Yank" Navy as a Chief Petty Officer in 1998 after spending 24 years in the Intel field. My main WW2 interests are the North Africa and Philippines campaigns [dad served with the 2nd Filipino Infantry, Army of the U. S. and another Philippines-connection is Company C, 194th Tank Battalion (Light), a National Guard tank company from Salinas, was captured with the Fall of Bataan]. Before moving to Australia I lived in Baguio City, Philippines visiting places like Corregidor and Bataan. Iíve provided database & graphic research for both Steel Panthers: WW2 & Steel Panthers: World at War and currently provide the same type of support for the PEDG.

Andy "Major" Magee

I'm your basic Renaissance Man: Army Officer, Mechanical Engineer, Metallurgist, Computer Programmer, Operations Manager, Consultant, Teacher, Watercolor Artist, Mountain Climber, Seaplane Pilot, Cyclist, Historian, Book Collector, Husband, and Father. I've traveled throughout Europe and North America, and my all time favorite place is Zion National Park. I bought PESE a couple of years ago, and fell in love with it, low end graphics and all. I saw a few postings on the PE message board that expressed interest in the Pacific Theater, and that got me to thinking. I love the history of my Father's war, and so PEKorea, Night, and Twilight Mods were born.

Matt Becker (On Leave)

Matt was the original provider of the hosting services for this very site. Thanks Matt a vital part of the PEDG team making this all possible.

Nick Mowbray (On Leave)

I've served in the British Army for 16 years. During which time Ive been a radio Operator  an AFV commander a Forward Air Controller a Paratrooper and a Medic. I've served  literally all around the World Including The Gulf in 1991 (including a brief "holiday" in Iraq) Northern Ireland, Bosnia and many other countries. Ive taken a bit of a career change and I am now Doing a 3 year Degree course in Nursing at the University of Portsmouth on the South coast of England. I'm still in the Army and they are sponsoring me through my course. ( Got to be the best post in the Military I mean college girls Nurses Beer and they are paying me for it !!). when Im not doing that I have a private Pilots lisc. and own 2 planes and I fly gliders with the Portsmouth Naval gliding club. Always been keen on PC gaming  and the Amiga and Commodore C64 before that. tie that in with an avid interest in Military history and an interest in AFV's of all eras and you could say Panzer Elite (and the BritPack !!) are heaven sent. 

Michael McConnell "Col. Sabot"  (On leave)

Armor is what I was put on earth to do.  In the US Army, I was an M1A1 Armor Crewmember.  I served with the 3rd Armored Division in Germany and with the 2nd Armored Division at Fort Hood, Texas.  I also did a combat tour in 1991 in Operation Desert Storm with the 2nd Armored Division's Tiger Brigade.  After purchasing many sub par armor sims, I decided it was time for me to become involved in development.  I had my first chance beta testing with Panzer Commander, then followed by becoming a lead tester for Panzer Elite.  For the first time since leaving the military, I can put my armor skills to use.  I am also a huge multiplayer fan, and spend a lot of time on SIMHQ's Kali server # 61 playing Panzer Elite.  I am lead beta tester for Wings Simulation's on Panzer Elite Multiplay.  I hope to continue work not only testing armor simulations, but also in designing scenarios for new armor simulations.

Enrique Colome (On Leave)

PEDG's Texture guru.  I am from Spain and am 35 years old I have served with the Spanish Army Tank force being an AMX gunner. I enjoy detailing armor as well as ballistic physics.  I have a first degree in Industrial Engineering,  and currently work in the development department of a large company doing mechanical parts design in metal (cast and machining) and plastics. I have many different hobbies and interests, apart from military interests I like history, anthropology and archeology. Careful research and detail is my way in my job and my hobbies I strive at putting the best detail I can in my PEDG efforts. I enjoy all things related with nature and earth, as well as traveling  when I can to enjoy these related interests.  

Edward "Volcano Man" Williams (On Leave)

Armor has been something I have always been interested in ever since I played M1 Tank Platoon way back on my AT&T 80286.  Since then I have been a 19K (M1A1 Armor Crewmember) in the US Army.  I served in A/1-37 and A/4-67 "Axemen" of the 1st Armored Division in Friedberg Germany.  In 97' - 98' I served at Camp Bedrock in Bosnia-Hercegovina and currently I am a Tanker in A/5-112 AR "Aces of Death" of the 49th Armored Division.  My hobbies have been making sound effects for any game that I have interest in, in order to give you a better 'experience' of what I believe is about 90% of the overall atmosphere in a game.

Tony Jesson "DarkAngel" (On Leave)

I am 34, Married and live in Oz. I am interested in all aspects of W.W.II Military. I also make 1:35 Military Models. I have been programming in a variety of forms for about 18 - 19 years. My interest in PEDG is Skins and Mission ( Map ) building. I understand and have written ( many forms ) of Fractal Landscape generators. I  would be interested in writing an easy to use Landscape generator for PE. I am currently running ( and programming for ) the RTG league. I am also currently working on a way to dynamically run a mini Campaign for MP PE for squad Battles.

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