Pedg rises from the ashes! After the Jowood server went down the site was lost but thanks to Waycool we had a back up and this has been updated to some extent. Constructive comments would be helpfull.

July 2003

Major Magee is continuing to develop a new mod called Korea. This is set during the Korean conflict and features some new Allied and updated Russian vehicles. Released as a Beta on the anniversary of the conflict this is currently under test before final release.


August 2003

Beta testing of B41 conitinues and PEkorea is nearing completion of beta testing. A new mod Mid-East has been released as an open Beta by Major Magee. This is not a finished mod but provides the framework along with working scenarios and vehicles to create the Arab-Israeli conflicts.

MvR 2 is also nearing completion and may be released in September.


September 2003

PEkorea is released by MajorD. Set in korea it has summer and winter scenarios played as either Korean or UN side. The initial scenarios are revamps of stock scenarios includung versions of instant action and adaptions of the "Parade Ground" from B41 and Brit Firing range. MajorD will be working on new scenarios based on events in the conflict. But first he needs a break to play!

A double bonus this month!!

Brit v1.05 is released as a public Beta on the anniversary of Operation Market Garden. This includes some code enhancements as well as all new 3d models of Brit vehicles (Bedford truck, Humber a/c, Firefly, Churchills' and Cromwells'). 3d commanders are now available for the first time.

Firing Range and SoH 112 are the only scenarios that will play out of the box.............remember this is a public beta........use at your own risk. Feedback to be given in the PEDG forum.


July 2004

Brit beta v10 is released. This has both allied and Axis firing ranges and South Of Hill 112 as the only working scenarios. More will be added as the older scenarios are rescripted to use the new units and.