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This page contains textures created by Geezer for PE and models created by Jon, Aldo et al. These were created over the last two years and are placed here for all PE modders use. Short descriptions are provided from information given on each texture zip Geezer provided.These are under links to that texture set. Note that not all of these are necessarily complete texture sets. All screenshots were supplied by geezer. These files have been scanned but that is not a guaruntee.You use these files at your own risk! PEDG does not accept responsibility for any corruption etc as these files are presented "as is".


Axis Vehicles (B41)

Russian Files Tracked

These are the original textures/vehicles that were developed in the autumn of 2002 for B41. Most of the 3D models were made by Jon Britton for the MvR back in 2000/2001. Due to the PE software, some of the tracks do not animate properly. Andy Magee donated a lot of time and effort to fix the problem. This tlb/vehicle combination is more historically accurate - all of these Panzer3/4's have turret bins - but requires the track animation fix. Both of the original B41 texture/vehicle combinations are optimised for the first year of the Russian front, though a few 1942 vehicles were thrown in.

Russian Files Wheeled

This combination of vehicles/textures features the German wheeled vehicles that were made for B41 in the autumn of 2002. As with the first set of original, more accurate German B41 vehicles, Jon Britton made most of them for the MvR in 2000/2001. Aldo subsequently upgraded many of the vehicles with 3D wheels and other refinements, particularly the PSW 222 armoured car.


Axis Vehicles (Blitz)

Final Blitzpak Wheeled Vehicles

Final Blitzpak Tracked Vehicles

The pack of wheeled German Blitzpack vehicles was developed in the spring of 2003, and features much improved colours (due to tweaked indexed palette). Most of the 3D models were developed by Jon Britton for the original MvR in 2000/2001. Aldo improved and refined some of them, and added 3D wheels. A couple of extra vehicles were squeezed into the tlb - a grey Tiger1 (from Torch) and Aldo's Sdkfz.7/1 - the version with a working four-barrelled Flak gun. It also includes Aldo's PSW 222 armoured car, with turret interior and two crew figures. Since the early days of PEDG (1999/2000), it has been clear that the best way to test new vehicle/texture combinations is by actually using them in a functioning PE gameworld. As I was never provided with a functioning gameworld, I cannot know if these have any problems.

Michael Y and Geezer developed a prototype temperate gameworld (later released as the Normandy Graphics Pack) with the first generation of grey panzers back in 2001 (see screenshot). They concluded that they did not have time to complete the project - in the summer of 2001; they sent copies of all of the files to the mod community in hopes that others might complete the project.

Russian Buildings

Rural Buildings

These are the rural Russian buildings that were developed back in the autumn of 2002. Most of the 3D models are the original Wings stuff, but there are a few that were made by Andrias Bader and Roger Ahrens. The damage levels are rudimentary, but workable - there is not enough space in the tlb to expand the damage textures any farther. All textures are based on photos from Geezers extensive library. They clearly showed that the most common form of rural construction was wood, while the towns and cities tended to use stucco and stone construction. The colours are carefully designed to be used in concert with the B41 game world textures. They can also be used with the final Blitzpack vehicle textures that the Ostpak team did not use - the Blitzpack vehicle textures, as initially released, were made back in 2001 and should be considered obsolete.

Industrial Buildings

These Russian industrial buildings were developed in the autumn of 2002 and were intended for the B41 project. Aldo made the 3D models. Because PE will not allow terrain objects to be larger than 10 x 10 meters, all of the industrial buildings currently in use are far too small and are generally the wrong shape. Because of the size problem, Aldo made the rrfs in modular form - they have to be joined together in the Object Editor. See illustration of Pz3 parked alongside one of these modules to get an idea of what the correct size and shape of PE industrial buildings should be like. When you first open these in the Object Editor, you may not see anything because you may be looking at the backside of the model - just rotate the model and you will see the textured module. The damage level textures are not complete because of a lack of tlb space.


Russian Foliage

Trees & Bushes

Wheat & Reeds

These new trees and bushes - firs, beeches, and small-ish deciduous trees - were developed in the autumn of 2002 for B41, and include a wheat field design that looks a little strange form certain angles, but does not slow the game's frame rate to a crawl. There are also some dead tree trunks for swamps and water reeds for swamps and riverbanks. The two different tlbs may need to be joined together into one tlb - this is all that Geezer could find in his old folders.



Late War Russians

This texture/vehicle combination was developed for Ostpak in the summer of 2002. The 3D models are a mixture from a number of sources, and were obtained from the Ostpak version that was available at that time. These 3D models are from PE's early days, and many (particularly the KV series) are either inaccurate or undersized, or both. The Ostpak guys chose not to use these, but Andy Magee was able to adapt some of these textures for his Korea mod. Geezer was not able to test all of them in-game because of problems with the Ostpak mod, but the ones that he was able to run worked OK.


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