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This second page also contains textures created by Geezer for PE and models created by Jon, Aldo et al. These complete the textures files available for mod makers use. Again these have been created/compiled during the last 18 to 24 months and may not be entirely completed or even out of date. In other words if you want to use them you may have to complete/finish them and you use these files at your own risk! PEDG does not accept responsibility for any corruption etc as these files are presented "as is".


Brit44 files

Brit Normandy File

This has the original Brit44 vehicle/textures created for the earlier brit models. This consists of one zip containing both textures and models files.


Yankee Pack

Yankee Pack Textures

Yankee Pack Us Vehicles

This is the preliminary stuff that Geezer started for the Yankee Pack. Once again, it consists of several zips. This combination of vehicles/textures was the first installment for the Yankee Pack, by Lima33 and Stugumby. It is quite preliminary in that some essential vehicles - such as a 76mm Sherman - are missing. This pack requires some new 3D models to be complete. Nonetheless, it can be adapted to play with the NGP as is (see screenshot). Perhaps someone
would care to finish it?

Yankee Panzer Vehicles

Final German Yankee

This particular zip was improved with a better indexed pallette for the Yankee Pack, hence the name - you might want to rename it to avoid confusion.

This German late-war texture/vehicle combination was developed in the spring of 2002 for the Normandy Graphics Pack.. The NGP was not a deliberately developed modpack - it is a collection of stuff that was developed for other mods. It became evident that enough bits and pieces existed to cobble together an improvised improvement for the Normandy scenarios. The 3D models are a combination of Jon Britton's MvR work combined with some of Aldo's work for his Arnhem mod. Because it is not possible to combine high-resolution textures with a large number of vehicles, some of the German vehicles present in the original Wings Normandy scenarios are not included in this pack - but the most important vehicles are included. Because of the limited tlb space, it was not possible to make multi-color cammo - all vehicles are solid Dunkel Gelb (dark yellow). Also, it will be necessary to modify the game's files to compensate for the "missing" vehicles. Despite these limitations, the improvement is dramatic, especially when used with the Normandy Graphics pack (see screenshot above).


German 3 Colour tlb

Test 3 Colour Cammo

This texture/vehicle combination of late-war German cammo is incomplete, but should be of interest to all you "uber tank" guys. While only a few vehicles have been roughed in (with just the dark yellow base color), the indexed pallette has been tweaked to avoid the ugly, too-vivid colors of the standard Wings tlbs. The colors that the pallette will reproduce in-game
are both more accurate and more realistically dull. Note that most references do not show dark yellow accurately - it was not yellow-ish, but more of a horseradish mustard color. If anyone develops this pack to thepoint of running the vehicles in-game, the Normandy Graphics Pack is essential as it has a similar pallette of dull-ish colors.


Russian Winter 41/42

Russian Winter

This vehicle/texture combination of hasty German whitewash cammo was started for a 1942 winter Russian front mod that Michael Y and Geezer never finished - unfortunately they just did not have the time (see screenshots). It uses Jon Britton's MvR 3D models, and the textures of the finished vehicles could be adapted to complete other vehicles.